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One-click procurement management

Easy communication with own suppliers, sending requests for offers, clear overview of all received offers, choosing the best ones, analytics, generating reports. All in one place.

For whom is Valuator made?

Procurement on click


Forget endless e-mails, folder searches, printing and storing documentation. Write a basic information about your company, make a database of your own suppliers and start communicating with them.

Valuator enables the following:
  • Sending inquiries to all suppliers by 1 click
  • Storage and review all offers
  • Bid evaluation
  • Analytics
  • Reports
  • Monitoring

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VALUATOR platform enable users to expand the network of suppliers and the ability to communicate with everyone - with only one click.


With this simple system, customers exchange procurement requests and offers, and all communication is stored in predefined positions which allows clear insight and monitoring


Advanced tools allow you to view all suppliers, detailed insights into all offers, parallel comparison and evaluation of prices, deadlines, quantities, payments ...

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